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‘Is it acceptable to have pizza two days in a row?’ is clearly what our Director, Roni, has stopped to reflect on h… https://t.co/bKaYcNRT9j
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Enjoy traditional, honest food in our relaxed and cosy restaurant with your loved ones at Pasta Di Piazza this… https://t.co/JatgtFJba2
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Nominations for the #EnglishItalianAwards are now open and we'd love it if you could nominate us for 'England’s Bes… https://t.co/iRzUdmzHlP
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Summer Holiday Fun In Birmingham

It’s that time again when the children break up from school for the long summer holiday. The sun is shining (a lot this year!), and you’re trying to plan activities to keep the children occupied over the weeks ahead. A day out in Birmingham’s historic Jewellery Quarter or a visit to the City Centre could [...]

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Italian Sayings About Food

It’ll come as no surprise that food means much more to Italian culture than just pottering away in the kitchen or sitting around the dinner table. The food has also crept its way into the language. Many Italian sayings use food terminology, even if the proverb or saying isn’t really about food. Illustrating how food [...]

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Italian Food and Wine Tasting with Loki Wine

We love traditional Italian food and we love great wine (hence our very own wine cellar). So, we’re excited to be teaming up with Phil Innes of Loki Wine, to bring you a unique food and wine tasting experience. Loki Wine is Birmingham’s most awarded wine merchant, as well as its leading wine bar. Join [...]

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How a traditional Italian Father’s Day is celebrated

Here in the UK, we celebrate Father’s Day each year on the third Sunday in June. The Italians, however, honour their dads on the 19th of March every year on 'Festa del Papa'. Combining faith, family and food, it is a meaningful celebration for many Italians. Italian Traditions  In Italy, this is a day when families [...]

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Get a ‘Pizza’ the Action at Pasta Di Piazza

Fancy a slice of something nice? You won’t get better pizza in Birmingham’s Jewellery Quarter than the freshly made authentic Italian kind at Pasta Di Piazza. A ‘pizza’ the history There are two main foods that spring to mind when you think of Italian dishes – pasta and pizza. Who doesn’t love them? With so [...]

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Gold Medal Wines at Pasta Di Piazza

Famous for its food and wine, both of which play an important part in the country’s identity and culture, Italy is renowned for being home to some of the world’s best wines. Here at Pasta Di Piazza we have one of the most impressive wine cellars in the Jewellery Quarter. All of our wines are [...]

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Tortellini mad about pasta!

It’ll come as no surprise to you that we are tortellini mad about pasta here at Pasta Di Piazza in Birmingham. So much so, we put it in our name! Pasta is a staple food in traditional Italian cuisine, with the first reference dating back to 1154 in Sicily. That’s a pretty golden age-old tradition [...]

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Sweet Treats at Pasta Di Piazza

After a bitterly cold winter, the annual Spring heatwave has finally arrived in Birmingham! What better way to celebrate than with our delicious sweet treats at Pasta Di Piazza in the scenic Jewellery Quarter? We have over a dozen deliciously indulgent desserts on our Dolci menu. We absolutely love all of them but here’s our [...]

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Easter Fun in Birmingham

We love Easter! It’s the perfect time for a little break to enjoy quality time with the family. There are so many fun things to do with the little ones during the half-term holidays in Birmingham. If you haven’t already thought about it, here are some cracking (pun intended) activities you can get up to in [...]

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