Fancy a slice of something nice? You won’t get better pizza in Birmingham’s Jewellery Quarter than the freshly made authentic Italian kind at Pasta Di Piazza.

A ‘pizza’ the history

There are two main foods that spring to mind when you think of Italian dishes – pasta and pizza. Who doesn’t love them? With so much variety on offer, pizza has become a favourite food with children, adults and families across the globe. However, the Italians are still the original inventors of this much-loved delight.

Italians have been topping flatbreads with various tasty ingredients since the ancient Greeks. But, the term ‘pizza’ was coined near Rome or Naples around 1000 AD. By the 18th century, this dish had become a low cost and effective way of feeding the peasantry. The Italians also found a new fruit brought over from the New World. This is how the humble tomato made its way onto the traditional flatbread to form the pizza base we know and love today! And thank goodness it did – pizza just wouldn’t be pizza without that classic, rich tomato base.

Our Favourites

One of our personal favourites is our Cuore Di Prosciutto. It’s a long, stretched margherita with a centre filled with fresh rocket. It’s topped with parma ham and pecorino shavings once it’s fresh out of the oven. Simple but delicious.

We also love Vesuvio. Exploding with flavour, this pizza is topped with tomato, Italian sausage, meatballs, mushrooms, chilli, olives and mozzarella cheese. Yum!

Slightly different from a standard pizza, and another one of our favourites is our calzone. A calzone is an Italian, oven-baked folded pizza that originated in Naples and is filled with delicious ingredients. (An Italian version of a traditional Cornish pasty, some may say.) We offer two variations of our calzone; one for meat lovers which includes ham, spinach, mozzarella and tomato brushed with garlic butter and one for vegetarians. Our Calzone Vegetariana is filled with tomato, mozzarella, grilled vegetables, red onion and homemade pesto sauce. Both are equally as tasty as the other.

All our mouth-watering pizzas are made fresh with only the finest ingredients used for the toppings. Pizzas are great for sharing as a family or with friends for a more relaxed and casual dining experience. We can even do smaller sized pizzas for the children – simply ask us and we’ll be happy to help.

Get Creative!

While there’s absolutely nothing wrong with a classic margherita, pizza doesn’t have to be simple. Think outside the box and create an original masterpiece – we love topping our fresh bases with your creative requests.

The beauty of pizza is how versatile it can be. Here at Pasta Di Piazza, we try our best to cater for different tastes and dietary requirements. Diners are welcome to choose their own toppings or swap out/remove some of our existing ingredients to suit your needs. So, if you’re vegetarian, vegan, dairy-free or there’s something else you can’t eat from our existing toppings, we’ll happily cater for this.

Whether you’re enjoying a quick lunch, a family meal or dinner with friends or colleagues, Pasta Di Piazza is the perfect place to grab a freshly made, authentic Italian pizza in the Jewellery Quarter. The options are plentiful and everything is made with love and fresh ingredients in our traditional Italian restaurant in Birmingham.

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