After a bitterly cold winter, the annual Spring heatwave has finally arrived in Birmingham! What better way to celebrate than with our delicious sweet treats at Pasta Di Piazza in the scenic Jewellery Quarter? We have over a dozen deliciously indulgent desserts on our Dolci menu. We absolutely love all of them but here’s our top three

Tiramisu Casalingo

As a traditional Italian restaurant, we couldn’t not have this classic in our top three! Our Tiramisu Casalingo is a quintessential Italian dessert. It features sponge fingers soaked in espresso, brandy, sambuca and amaretto liqueur, layered with mascarpone cheese and cream. We finish it with a dusting of cocoa and drizzle of chocolate sauce. It’s creamy, boozy and has that delicious richness from the espresso; everything we love in a dessert.

Panna Cotta

Another delicious classic. Panna Cotta literally means ‘cooked cream’ in Italian. And that’s all anyone really wants from a dessert, right? Smooth, creamy goodness! Our traditional Italian panna cotta is richly creamy and generously drenched in a delightful raspberry coulis.

Crepes Con Limone & Zucchero

If you hadn’t already guessed by now; we love a good classic! And what’s more classic than lemon and sugar crepes? Our homemade crepes are drizzled with a lemon jus, sprinkled with a dusting of sugar, and served with vanilla ice cream.

Here’s a trio of tasty pictures capturing that satisfying moment when the lemon jus is drizzled over our crepes:


And so much more…

We have several other sweet treats on our Dolci menu. If you want a good old chocolate fix, go for our Torta Di Ciocolato (chocolate gateaux). If you just fancy cooling down with some gelato, opt for our Gelati Misti; three scoops of our Italian ice creams. And if you want to satisfy both your chocolate and ice cream cravings in one delicious scoop, choose our Tartufo Nocciola. It’s a luxury hazelnut and chocolate gelato with a liquid centre of dark chocolate, enrobed in cocoa powder.

Whether you’re enjoying dessert with us after some lovely Italian food at Pasta Di Piazza, or you’re here solely for the dolci after a nice stroll through the Jewellery Quarter and St Paul’s Square, our options are plentiful. Everything is made with love, and our traditional Italian restaurant in Birmingham is the perfect place to relax and enjoy some sweet treats.

Check out our desserts and full menu HERE

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