Although we’ve had a pretty glorious summer so far here in England, many of us are still jetting off across the globe on our summer holidays. One of those holiday destinations is the home of our delicious cuisine; Italy. And if you’re not already planning on going to Italy this summer, you’ll definitely want to after reading this.

Home to endless beautiful villages, epic beaches, unspoilt countryside and amazing nightlife, there are plenty of places to visit in Italy to last a lifetime. Add an endless supply of delicious pasta to the mix and it’s no wonder Italy is so high on many people’s list of holiday destinations. Here’s our little guide on some slightly lesser known, but equally wonderful places to visit in Italy.

Grab your passport, pack your sunglasses and get yourself a piece of ‘La Dolce Vita’!

Where should you go?

Umbria and Tuscany are two of the most popular destinations for a villa holiday. However, other less known areas of Italy, unknown to many Brits, have much to offer. Many Italian cities and towns are served by direct flights from the UK, meaning almost all regions are easily accessible – especially if you hire a car or opt to use Italy’s extensive rail network. Combining a city break with a more rural trip could be the perfect compromise and enable you to see Italy in its full glory. Explore further afield and you will find some of Italy’s hidden gems.


Sorrento is a beautiful town, perfectly situated in the middle of the Amalfi Coast, Pompeii, the countryside and Capri, so you’re spoilt for choice for nearby places to explore. Rich with Italian culture and picturesque views of Mount Vesuvius and Naples you will fall in love with the charm of the cobbled streets and cafes. It may be a small town, but it has a big reputation!

Lecce in the region of Puglia

Nicknamed “Florence of the South”, this region is known for its beauty and baroque architecture. Lecce is surrounded by beautiful beaches on every side. This is one of the best cities in Italy if you want to avoid the crowds. It’s where Italians often fo for their holidays and is a great mix of both lively and relaxed.

San Gimignano

This quaint Italian hill town is another of Italy’s stunning world heritage sites. It is Italian charm as its finest. The whole town has historical origins that go back thousands of years. Filled with beautiful Romanesque and Gothic architecture, the tiny town is famed for its 14 impressive towers.

A Taste of Italy at Pasta Di Piazza

If you fancy continuing your Italian adventure when you return home or if you don’t get the chance to visit Italy this summer, you can still get a taste (literally) of Italy at Pasta Di Piazza. Visit us in Birmingham’s pretty Jewellery Quarter for delicious, authentic Italian food. As soon as that first bite is in your mouth, you’ll feel like you’re in Italy without a doubt!

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