Have you ever wanted to get the kids involved with the cooking at home? Not only does it give them valuable cooking skills but most importantly it’s great fun and helps you out. The kids are learning food education and a valuable life skill at the same time. This sets them up for the future, by teaching them about health and well being from a young age.

See below 3 of our top tips, on where to start and how not to create a messy and inedible culinary disaster!

Start with the Basics

When it comes to cooking with the kids they need to walk before they can run. It will be an exciting new process but we don’t want dinner turning into a stressful mess for you or the kids. The first step is kitchen hygiene. Teaching the kids to wash their hands regularly and preventing cross contamination is so important. Tying long hair back and getting them an apron is also essential to help with basic hygiene. Teaching kids about what they can and can’t eat in the cooking process is also essential. We’ve all licked the bowl when making a cake but we need to teach them they can’t do that with everything they cook!

Pick the Right Recipes

Picking the right recipes is key, as certain cooking techniques will come in useful in a variety of different dishes. Why not start by making a delicious pasta bake? The kids can learn to measure and mix, as well as enjoy some supervised chopping. Teaching the kids to make a delicious but nutritious dish such as a pasta bake is a great start in them learning about basic food nutrition and the health benefits of certain foods. The best part is you get a tasty but healthy meal for the whole family to enjoy afterwards.

Make sure you Have Fun

Cooking can be so enjoyable with the kids when they’ve got the hang of it. It’s also a great way to spend quality time with your children and doesn’t cost any extra money, as it needs to be done whether they’re helping or not. Once they’ve learnt the basic skills and moved onto creating trickier recipes why not help them create a recipe book. Let them write out the recipes and they can decorate the book, which will also help them remember how to create the recipes in the future.

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