Here in the UK, we celebrate Father’s Day each year on the third Sunday in June. The Italians, however, honour their dads on the 19th of March every year on ‘Festa del Papa’. Combining faith, family and food, it is a meaningful celebration for many Italians.

Italian Traditions

In Italy, this is a day when families show their gratitude to their fathers with favours and gifts. Children usually buy gifts for their fathers as a sign of honour and reverence; much like we do in the UK for our dads. Socks, aftershave and beer are amongst our most popular presents.

Father’s Day is also known as St. Joseph’s Day in Italy, and this holy day commemorates ‘San Guiseppe’ – a fatherly symbol of love, compassion, kindness, generosity and acceptance. Many Italian families will also go to church and offer their prayers to Saint Joseph, a revered father figure, on this day. After daily mass, they go out on the streets and greet their fathers as a symbol of love, compassion and respect.


Father’s Day is cause for a huge party in many parts of Italy and it’s extremely popular in the Northern part of the country. Street parades can be found in many communities. In areas such as Florence and Rome, the festivity is marked with several days of live music and dancing. Not forgetting lots of traditional and hearty Italian food and drink, too!

Feast Day in Italy

San Guiseppe or Saint Joseph, father of Jesus Christ is honoured on Father’s Day, as we mentioned earlier. Part of this commemoration is through a grand feast and fanfare within homes, too. Households prepare traditional spreads of special Italian bread and cookies to celebrate.

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