Celebrate Father’s Day with authentic Italian food, warm service and your nearest and dearest at Pasta Di Piazza this June 16th.  Ahead of the big day, have a read of what it means to us and why we think it’s important to properly celebrate Father’s Day!

Dedicating time to your family

While we think it’s important to celebrate your parents every day, modern life and busy work schedules can often make it difficult to spend quality time connecting with your loved ones more often. That’s why it’s wonderful to have specific days in our calendar like Father’s Day and Mother’s Day to dedicate solely to them.

Letting your Dad know just how much he means to you

For some, it can be understandably difficult to get sentimental, but it is important to let your loved ones know exactly what they mean to you from time to time. How often have we lost a loved one and thought ‘I wish I had let them know more often how much they meant to me?’ Days like Father’s Day make it a little easier for those who find it hard to express their feelings to do so with gestures and cards with pre-written messages. Often these can articulate our feelings better than we can ourselves. That said, we think it’s important to put your feelings into your own words, too. However inadequate you feel your words are, all your Dad will care about is the effort you put in and the sincerity of the gesture. Humour is always a great way to both show affection and remove the slight awkwardness of getting all mushy!

The important role of food in family gatherings

Food and family are essential to survival. Food provides us with physical sustenance. It makes our bodies function and our brains develop, while family provides another kind of sustenance; it fulfils that essentially human desire for love, protection and a sense of belonging. The two combined make for a lovely experience. We can’t think of a better way to celebrate and strengthen family ties than by sharing delicious, nourishing food with our loved ones.

So, with all this in mind, we invite you to come and celebrate Father’s Day with us, and let your dad know just how much they mean to you. There’s nothing more wonderful than updating your family on recent happenings in your life – both good and bad, as well as some in-jokes that only your family would get, all over a spread of tasty Italian food. From celebrating biological fathers and grandfathers, to adoptive dads, gay dads, honorary dads or the mums who play both mum and dad – families in all their wonderful varieties and sizes are welcome here at Pasta Di Piazza.


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