Halloween is nearing, so lets talk all things spooky in Italy… For over 1,000 years, Italians have cherished the memory of lost loved ones – on All Saints’ Day on 01 November and All Souls’ Day on 02 November. In more recent times, celebrations have begun on 31 October. Halloween has grown rapidly in popularity, particularly amongst youngsters. Costumes and decorations are now a familiar sight in shops, and Italian children go trick or treating or dolcetto-scherzetto.

Religious leaders in Italy have expressed concern that the spooky day is starting to become more popular than All Saints and All Souls Day. Many are worried that this important period is turning into an excuse for a party. Though this time should be spent remembering their dead with love.

However, the true meaning of Halloween is similar to All Saints and All Souls Day. It was originally an ancient celebration to honour the souls of the dead.

Italy’s Biggest Halloween Event

Established in 1993, and proudly calling itself Italy’s first Halloween celebration, the biggest event takes place a few miles north of Lucca at the Devil’s Bridge in Borgo a Mozzano. The Halloween Celebration includes a series of ghoulish games and events. There’s the Black Night, an interactive game, and the Passage of Terror which is a pathway with horror-thrilled scenes. New for 2019 is the Ghost Experiment where visitors are promised a fascinating journey into the world of the supernatural.

Italy’s Capital of Halloween

The medieval walled town of Corinaldo sits northeast of Ancona in Italy’s Le Marche region. Dubbed the Italian Capital of Halloween, the town features spooky entertainment and attractions during the last week of October at the la festa di Halloween. On Halloween night there is a show of music, fire and lights all around the town. Whilst taverns are packed full of people eating, drinking and celebrating.

Italy’s City of Witches

Triora is an inland village in Italy’s Liguria region, famous for its 16th century witch trials. Triora holds and annual festival with spectacular celebrations continuing long into the night.

Halloween and Carnevale

Celebrated two weeks before Lent, Carnevale has some similarities to Halloween. This involves dressing up in elaborate costumes and playing light-hearted tricks on people.

Venice’s world famous Carnevale celebration is one of the biggest in Italy. The city comes alive with colour as people don elaborate Venetian masks. They soak up the electric atmosphere and party hard at opulent masquerade balls.



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