The Jewellery Quarter has so much to offer, with lots of great art spaces and community projects and events going on around us. A few places to discover the beauty of The Jewellery Quarters creativity would be: The New Standard Works, Museum of the Jewellery Quarter, RBSA and Odox Gallery.

In this month’s blog, we’re zooming into an exhibition at the Museum of the Jewellery Quarter named ‘Jewellery Quarter Type.’ So enjoy a creative day out, finished with a lovely meal at Pasta di Piazza.

What is Jewellery Quarter Type about?

It’s an exhibition of photographs by Tom Hicks, exploring various surfaces in the Jewellery Quarter. His work focuses on broken, abandoned and derelict locations that often go unseen. Capturing unassuming signs and doors, he shows the hidden beauty of our urban surroundings.

Like many areas in Birmingham, our cityscapes are always undergoing change. This often means buildings look derelict, when they actually house great craftsmanship and working businesses. Toms direct style of urban photography shows the Jewellery Quarter in a different light, and is a must see for locals and visitors alike.

The Who is Tom Hicks?

Tom Hicks may otherwise be known by his photographic project and Instagram handle ‘@blackcountrytype’. It is here that he primarily displays and curates his work for the globe to see. His focus on lettering, signage and graffiti often reveals glimpses into the past that is hidden in our modern environment. Photographed signage from the 50’s and 60’s offer inspiration for the creative younger generations and a sense of reminisce for the older. Handwritten typography shows traces of people that once inhabited these now empty-looking spaces. He carefully frames each photo to ensure the eye is guided around the image and strategically uses natural light to his advantage. His images are an archive of cultural history that shows the industrial decline and the disappearance of independent Highstreet shops.

More details

The exhibition is free to enter and will be around to view 10:30am-4:00pm daily until 31stOctober. Prints are also available to buy.

The Jewellery Quarter Museum is also home to other interesting exhibitions and workshops. Making it a must see if you’re in the area!

So enjoy a bit of JQ culture followed by a meal at Pasta di Piazza to round of a great day!


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