National Vegetarian Week 2019 has landed and we’re here for it! You may be a full-time veggie, dabbling in more meat-free options, or going vegetarian for the week. Either way, we’ve got some beautiful Italian veggie dishes for you!

Why have a Vegetarian Week?

Taking place from 13th May to 19th May, National Vegetarian Week aims to highlight the benefits and pleasures of a meat-free diet to the British public. As more people look to make lifestyle changes, eating veggie is increasing in appeal. Endorsed by the Vegetarian Society, it shows communities across the UK that vegetarian food can be vibrant and exciting to eat.

Vegetarian Food in Italian Cuisine

Vegetarian food is no stranger to Italian cuisine. In fact, so many of your favourite Italian classics are vegetarian. Olive oil, basil, tomatoes, aubergine, courgettes, pasta and mozzarella are just some vegetarian ingredients that are essential to Italian cuisine. These ingredients alone form some of the most wonderful and well-known Italian dishes.

Pasta Di Piazza’s Vegetarian & Vegan Menu

We love to serve up delicious food and we like making it accessible to all our diners, too. Whether you have a dietary allergy, choose not to eat certain foods based on ethics or health, or you’re simply not a fan of an ingredient, we’ll do whatever we can to adjust our dishes for you. In 2019, we put together a dedicated menu of all our vegetarian and vegan dishes, and dishes we can adjust to make vegetarian or vegan, to make ordering our delicious food easier for you!

To inspire your choices through National Vegetarian Week, here are some mouth-watering dishes you should try at Pasta Di Piazza!


This beautiful starter consists of homemade pancakes filled with ricotta cheese and spinach, baked in the oven on a bed of tomato sauce, and topped with parmesan and cream sauce.


We have three vegetarian pizzas to choose from on our menu; Margherita, Capri and our Calzone Vegetariana. They’re all delicious but don’t feel you have to stick to these! If you see a meaty pizza on our regular menu and want to make it your own by swapping out certain ingredients for vegetarian alternatives, we’re happy to do this for you provided we have the ingredients. So get creative and ask away!


Our vegetarian pasta options include Penne Arrabbiata E Funghi, Fettucine Primevera, Gnocchi Dolcelatte E Spinaci, Penne Al Quattro Formaggi and Tortelini Ripieni Al Funghi Misti. Our favourite has to be the gnocchi! We also do an amazing Risotto Di Asparagi if you love risotto.


All our desserts are suitable for vegetarians (except for our Panna Cotta which contains gelatine) – and they’re utterly delicious! We highly recommend our Tiramisu and Zabaglioni. The perfect sweet ending to your meat-free feast at Pasta Di Piazza.

We hope we’ve shown you how eating veggie can be both tasty and varied at Pasta Di Piazza. If we’ve whet your appetite, make sure you visit us for delicious Italian food in Birmingham’s picturesque Jewellery Quarter during National Vegetarian Week!

View our Vegetarian & Vegan Menu HERE

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